for years i have admired my wife's wonderful feet (usually without her knowledge) and longed to surrender to their beauty and power. i constantly fantasize about kneeling before her and taking her feet in in my hands, massaging them, kissing them, tasting, smelling, worshiping. unfortunately, she has mostly been uncomfortable in allowing my fetish. recently though, there have been a few incidents that have me hoping that she might become more tolerant of my foot fetish and permit to pursue things further. and that's where this blog comes in as i hope to chronicle this much anticipated progress in my submission to her beautiful feet.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

naughty toes

found an awesome website called my naughty toes. be sure to check it out. it has lots of photos and video of beautiful feet either in the act of footjobbing or cum covered or sometimes both. here's a sample:

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